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We're here to help you vote
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The Republican embrace of rightwing issues such as banning abortion, de-funding public education with school vouchers, opposing sensible gun reforms, refusing to take effective action on climate change, making it harder to vote, and continuing to push 2020 election conspiracy theories, helps draw a clear contrast between Democrats and Republicans in this election. The choices couldn’t be clearer, better or easier. Spread the word all summer and encourage all your Pennsylvania relatives, friends and neighbors to be sure to vote for these outstanding Democratic candidates.

Elect John Fetterman to US Senate

This Is A Big Race With National Implications! The PA Senate race will have a huge impact on the country’s future as it may decide whether Democrats retain control of the Senate. John Fetterman, will be running against Mehmet Oz, a 62 year old TV personality who has only lived in Pennsylvania for a short time and is strongly supported by Donald Trump. He supported overturning Roe v Wade, and despite being a doctor has received much criticism for his promotion of pseudoscience, homeopathy, and alternative medicine. Just what our country needs - another TV reality star who knows little about Pennsylvanians and will say anything to be elected. Learn more about John Fetterman!

Re-Elect Chrissy Houlahan for US Congress

Chrissy Houlahan, an Easttown resident and incumbent, will be running against Guy Ciarrocchi who has spent his career lobbying against women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, contraception, and public schools, to name a few. On the issue of reproductive freedom, Ciarrocchi claimed, "It is time for Roe to be replaced." He was against assistance for small businesses during the height of the pandemic; opposed increasing the minimum wage; voted to raise local taxes by over 500%; and even opposed the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which is creating thousands of jobs for Pennsylvanians and fixing our supply chains. It's clear he doesn't care about the well-being of Pennsylvanians. Learn more about Chrissy Houlahan!

Elect Josh Shapiro for PA Governor

Without a Democratic governor, PA could end up looking a lot like Texas or Florida where Republican governors and legislatures are attacking women's rights, immigrants, minorities, voting access, and school boards. Josh Shapiro is running against Doug Maistraino, a far right election denier and extreme Trump cult follower. Mastriano says he will ban abortion with absolutely no exceptions, undermine vote by mail, has promised to appoint a Secretary of State who will decertify voting machines and de-register voters at his whim. He led the spending of taxpayers dollars on a ridiculous sham audit in an embarrassing attempt to invalidate the 2020 election Pennsylvania results. Incredibly, he is a proud attendee of the January 6th insurrection and actually paid thousands of dollars to bus people to the Capitol insurrection. Learn more about Josh Shapiro!

Re-Elect Melissa Shusterman for PA State Rep

It's so important to have Democratic legislators representing us now in Harrisburg. In the legislature, Melissa serves on the Judiciary, Aging & Older Adult Services, and Tourism & Recreational Development Committees. She has authored legislation dealing with small business loans, gun control, environmental sustainability, and animal protections. Melissa is a Deputy Whip and the first freshmen legislator to be selected for this position. Melissa also founded the bipartisan 2020 Animal Protection Caucus. Endorsed by many organizations including Emily's List, NOW, Planned Parenthood, Moms Demand Action, Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania and Clean Water Action. Learn more about Melissa Shusterman!


  • May 18 – First day to register after the May 18th Primary.
  • May 24 – Last day for Chester County Board of Elections to receive voted military and absentee ballots for Primary election.
  • October 24 – Last day to register before the November general election.
  • November 1 – Last day to apply for a mail-in ballot or an absentee ballot.
  • November 8 – Last day for the Chester County Board of Elections to receive a civilian mail-in ballot or absentee ballot from an Easttown voter. Ballots must be received by 8PM. Voters should mail their absentee ballot at least two weeks before the November 2nd General Election due to possible late deliveries by the US Postal Service.
  • November 8 – GENERAL ELECTION. Voting booths are open from 7AM to 8PM.

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Senator Robert Casey(D),   Senator Patrick Toomey(R)

Representative Chrissy Houlahan(D)


Senator Timothy Kearney(D),   Representative Kristine Howard(D)