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Appointed Boards & Commissions Not Representative of Community

The Easttown Board of Supervisors has the authority to appoint residents to Boards and Commissions to help provide advice on governing the township. 

Currently, they have appointed 39 members to the following Boards & Commissions: Easttown Planning Commission, Parks & Recreation Commission, Historical Commission, Zoning Board, Citizen’s Advisory Commission, and Municipal Authority. 

The Pennsylvania Township Supervisor’s Handbook states:  “Appointments to boards and commissions should reflect the township’s diversity, including individuals from different neighborhoods that have varied interests and backgrounds.

Based on a summary of the composition of the 39 members currently appointed, it appears that the Easttown Board of Supervisors is ignoring the Pennsylvania Township Supervisor’s Handbook which raises the following questions:

Is There Sexism in Easttown?
We have no idea why but for some reason only 13 women (33%) have been appointed compared to 26 men (66%). In a community like Easttown with so many well-educated and experienced women, it’s hard to understand why 50% of the appointments are not women. 

Is Party Bias Playing A  Role in Appointments to These Non-Political Positions?
We can’t understand why only 21% of the appointments are either Democrats (7 out of 39) or Independents (1 out of 39) since they make up 53% of the registered voters of Easttown Township. Obviously, there is some strong bias against appointing Democrats and Independents.

Are the Needs of Millennials & Young Families Being Ignored?
Despite a growing community of millennials and young families, they basically have no representation at all on Easttown Boards & Commissions. Of 39 appointments, there is only one member between the age of 18 to 40. Obviously, the “old boys network” is still strong and alive in Easttown Township.

Are Minorities Being Ignored Too?
Easttown has a diverse population of ethnic and racial minorities. These voices need to be heard on Easttown Boards & Commissions.

There will be Seven Terms Expiring in 2018 and Nine Terms Expiring in 2019.
We certainly hope that the Board of Supervisors begins to rectify the gross demographic and political party imbalance on Easttown’s Boards & Commissions.  With seven opportunities in 2018  and nine opportunities in 2019, many more women, Democrats, Independents and younger residents should be appointed than in the past. 

See the details of all the Boards and Commissions for a close-up look of how the current members don’t reflect the composition of the Easttown community.

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