You are currently viewing Blue Stars Everywhere in Easttown & Chester County as Democrats Sweep!

Blue Stars Everywhere in Easttown & Chester County as Democrats Sweep!

Easttown Township and Chester County voters came out in record numbers to support Democratic candidates across the board for a complete sweep!


  • Supervisor: Democrat Michael Wacey, 1,939 votes defeated Republican Alessandra Nicolas, 1,751 votes
  • Supervisor: Democrat Beth D’Antonio, 2,059 votes defeated Republican Karl Romberger, 1,570 votes
  • Auditor: Democrat Eric Knight, 1,921 votes defeated Republican Ben Goldberg, 1,676 votes


  • Director: Democrat Sue Tiede, 2,208 votes defeated Republican Kate Murphy, 2,010 votes 
  • Director: Democrat Mary Garrett Itin, 2,404 votes defeated Republican Nick Lee, 1,599 votes 


  • County Commissioners: Democrats Josh Maxwell, 68,914 votes and Marian Moskowitz, 70,842 votes  defeated Republicans Terence Farrell, 62,287 votes and Michelle Kichline, 63,776 votes (note: this will be first time in history that Democrats have won a majority on the Chester County Board of Commissioners)
  • District Attorney: Democrat Deb Ryan, 76,251 votes defeated Republican Michael Noone, 62,958 votes 
  • Sheriff: Democrat Fredda Maddox, 73,072 votes defeated Republican Jim Fitzgerald, 65,837 votes
  • Prothonotary: Democrat Debbie Bookman, 72,282 votes defeated Republican Matt Holliday, 65,286 votes
  • Register of Wills: Democrat Michele Vaughn, 74,171 votes defeated Republican Terri Clark, 64,175, votes
  • Recorder of Deeds: Democrat Chris Pielli, 73,517 votes defeated Republican Amber Little-Turner, 64,799 votes
  • Judges of the Court of Common Pleas: Democrats Analisa Sondergaard, 74, 441 votes and Bret Binder, 68,907 votes defeated Republicans Andrea Cardamone, 63,617 votes and Charles Gaza, 58,735 votes


  • Judges of the Superior Court: Democrats Amanda Green-Hawkins and Daniel McCaffery defeated Megan MacCarthy King and Christylee Peck


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