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Democrats and Republicans know that the upcoming 2022 PA race for the US Senate seat to replace retiring Republican Senator Pat Toomey will be critically important in determining which party controls a majority of the US Senate and whether any progressive legislation is passed in 2023 and 2024. Record breaking sums of money will be raised and voters will see an avalanche of advertising and a flood of misinformation. In the months to come, you’ll often have the opportunity to watch these Democratic candidates on TV, read about them in various publications and websites, and probably see them in person as they appear at events in Philadelphia and the Main Line area. Start checking out these wonderful candidates now as it’s going to be a difficult choice! Check out this televised April 25th debate among the candidates to help you decide. 

  • Lieutenant Governor John FettermanCurrent PA Lt. Governor, John Fetterman doesn’t look or talk like a typical politician, and he hasn’t followed the traditional path to running for office. As Lt. Governor, he advocates for economic justice and criminal justice reform. As the chair of Pennsylvania’s Board of Pardons, John has led the fight to give second chances to non-violent longtime inmates and free those who have been wrongfully convicted. He has taken numerous steps to overhaul the clemency process in Pennsylvania. Under John’s tenure, the Board has recommended more applicants for commutation than under any lieutenant governor in decades. He supported legalizing marijuana before it was popular, officiated a same-sex marriage before it was legal, and pushed for single payer healthcare long before it was mainstream. The issues John is running on now are the same issues he’s been working on for the last two decades. 🔵
  • State Assembly Representative Malcolm KenyattaPennsylvanians are rising up in spite of every challenge and the deadliest pandemic in our history. As we face a crossroads, Malcolm Kenyatta is ready to be a voice for working families in the US Senate. He knows what it’s like to see eviction notices and work a minimum wage job—and knows firsthand the pain that Washington’s failures have inflicted on Pennsylvania. Malcolm won’t just talk about justice—he’ll make it real. 🔵
  • US Congressman Conor Lamb Congressman Conor Lamb is a Marine and a former federal prosecutor. Lamb represents Pennsylvania’s 17th district in Congress, which includes much of the Pittsburgh-area suburbs and all of Beaver County. Lamb was first elected in 2018, He went on to win reelection in 2018 and 2020 in two Republican districts. 🔵


  • Incumbent Congresswoman and Easttown resident, Chrissy Houlahan, is the Democrat running and currently unopposed in the primary.

    Elected to the US House in 2018 as the first woman and first Democrat to represent PA-06, Chrissy Houlahan is an Air Force veteran, engineer, entrepreneur, and educator. She serves on Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Small Business Committees. She’s on the leadership team of the New Democrat Coalition and is the co-founder of three Congressional Caucuses: Women in STEM, For County, and The Servicewomen, and Women Veterans Caucus. 🔵


  • PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro is the Democrat running and is currently unopposed in the primary. Throughout his career as a public servant, Josh Shapiro has taken on the status quo, brought people together to solve tough problems, and delivered results for the people of Pennsylvania. Since 2017, he has served as the People’s Attorney General, working every day to stand up to powerful institutions and protect Pennsylvanians’ rights. Now, Josh is running to be Pennsylvania’s next Governor — to move our Commonwealth forward and tackle our biggest challenges. 🔵  


  • Austin Davis – Elected to the PA House in 2018, Austin Davis became the first African American to serve as state representative for the 35th Legislative District in Allegheny County. Currently, Austin serves as chair of the Allegheny County House Democratic Delegation and vice chair of the House Democratic Policy Committee, as well as serving on the House Appropriations Committee, House Consumer Affairs Committee, House Insurance Committee, and House Transportation Committee. Austin is also a member of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus, Climate Caucus, and PA SAFE Caucus. 🔵
  • Brian Simms

PENNSYLVANIA STATE REPRESENTATIVE: MELISSA SHUSTERMAN (Easttown Township will be moving from the 167th State House District to the 157th State House District and will no longer be represented by Representative Kristine Howard in 2023.)

  • The incumbent Democratic PA State Representative Melissa Shusterman of the 157th District, who grew up in Easttown and attended Conestoga, will be running unopposed in the May 17th Spring Primary. Melissa Shusterman is an entrepreneur; she was elected as State Representative for Pennsylvania’s 157th District in 2018. In the legislature, Melissa serves on the Judiciary, Aging and Older Adult Services, Children and Youth, and Tourism Committees. She has authored legislation related to small business loans, gun violence reform, environmental sustainability, and animal protections. She is the founder and Co-Chair of the Animal Protection Caucus and the Autism and Intellectual Disabilities Caucus.  🔵  484-928-0746 🔵

EASTTOWN TOWNSHIP DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE PEOPLE (They only run in the Primary so they do not appear in the General Election November Ballot.)  

The role of a Democratic Committee Person is to be the Democratic neighborhood representative for each precinct. Those on the Committee have voting rights in local party policy decisions and internal elections, as well as voting rights within the Chester County Democratic Party for endorsing candidates, etc. Easttown Township is organized into seven precincts which are commonly referred to as E1, E2, etc. Our goal is to elect two Committee People per precinct. If you’re unsure about your precinct number, enter your address into the Chester County precinct locator

Polling LocationCommittee People Candidates
195 Easttown 1 (E1)
Beaumont School Lobby
575 Beaumont Road
Michael Wacey – Please print his name as a write-in candidate
Vacant – Need write-in candidate
198 Easttown 2 (E2)
Beaumont School Gym
575 Beaumont Road
Kristine Adams (Incumbent)
MaryAnn Piccioni (Incumbent)
201 Easttown 3 (E3)
Easttown Library
720 1st Avenue
Christopher W. Moran – Please print his name as a write-in candidate
Vacant – Need write-in candidate
204 Easttown 4 (E4)
Devon Elementary Cafeteria
400 S. Fairfield
Margaret Dalesandro (Incumbent)
Vacant – Need write-in candidate
207 Easttown 5 (E5)
St. John’s Presbyterian Fireplace Room
217 Berkeley Road
Vacant – Need write-in candidate
Vacant – Need write-in Candidate
201 Easttown 6 (E6)
St. John’s Presbyterian Front Room
217 Berkeley Road
Joan Bergquist (Incumbent)
Susan Butterworth
213 Easttown 7 (E7)
Devon Elementary Gym
400 S. Fairfield
Harold Poliskin (Incumbent)
Stacey Rohrbeck – Please print her name as a write-in candidate

PENNSYLVANIA DEMOCRATIC STATE COMMITTEE (They only run in the Primary so they do not appear in the General Election November Ballot.)

The Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee (PADSC) is the governing body of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Founded in 1792, the PADSC is charged with steering the direction of your party and organizing for Democrats across the ballot!

Based on the size of our county’s  population, Chester County voters get to select ten PADSC members, five women and five men. PADSC members are elected to four year terms and meet in full three times each year. PADSC members elect party leadership, hold nominating conventions, pass and promote a party platform, and help lead organizing efforts all across the commonwealth.


  • MICHELLE BURGER“As a 2 term School Board Director, my knowledge can play a vital role in raising awareness across the State to protect local communities from being taken over by radical Republican agendas.  Endorsed by: Melissa Shusterman, Hans van Mol, Elva Bankins Baxter, OxGrove Democrats, Tredyffrin Democrats”
  • LANI FRANK “I am a change-maker, co-founder of the PA Dems Progressive Caucus, and a lifelong Democrat with a 22-year activist history. Our Party needs to stand strong for our values. If I am re-elected to State Committee, I will fight for you, to push our Party to ensure that our government works for the people.”
  • KRISTIN GERLING – “Kristin Gerling is running for PA State Committee to represent CC and establish messaging for ballot initiatives, e.g. constitutional amendments. She is the treasurer of the WC Dems and several campaign committees. Endorsements: Dianne Herrin (PA State Rep 156th), Fredda Maddox (CC Sheriff), and Lillian DeBaptiste (Mayor of West Chester).”
  • SOPHIA GARCIA-JACKSON – “My name is Sophia Garcia-Jackson and I’m running for State Committee. As Coroner, I have a passion for serving our community and would love to do more. I’m a lifelong Democrat and of Mexican heritage. I’m running to ensure we elect more young women, minorities, and progressives like me, as our future leaders.”
  • DIANE O’DWYER (INCUMBENT) “Diane O’Dwyer has served since 2004 as an active Democratic volunteer and a committee person in Uwchlan. She was the Central Chesco Dems zone leader 2010-18 and has also been among the leaders of several Chesco campaigns. After many years of employment in private industry, in 2019 she became Administrative Analyst for County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone and is presently the County’s 2nd Deputy Recorder of Deeds.”
  • DONNA BETH SHIPMAN“I have lived in the Mt Pleasant Community, which is one of the oldest African American Communities within Tredyffrin Township, for over 20 years. I am an advocate with experience fighting for and supporting minorities. I believe there is always a common thread that can bring people together to address and possibly resolve our differences.”
  • CARRIE STARE“I am a strong, passionate leader who will fight for bold, progressive Democratic values at State Committee. I will help build PA Dems policy with a foundation in empathy and equity, ensure there is a voice for minority groups in Chester County, and build unity to get Democrats elected up and down ballot.”
  • DEBRA SULENSKI“I am an Activist, Ally, Volunteer and Committee Person in Zone One. Listening is the most important way to facilitate help and change. As a member of State Committee, I will be an advocate for local folx by asking their opinions and being their voices at the state level.”
  • DIANE WELSH“I’m Diane Welsh and I’m running for Democratic State Committee. I would be honored to represent Chester County and want to take my 18 years of knowledge and experience to the state level. I know how to win and get things done and would be so grateful for your support.”


  • ABDUL MUGHEES CHAUDHRI -“I am a passionate community leader and advocate, an experienced sales executive with Engineering, MBA and MSIS degrees, and I believe diversity is our strength. If elected, I will use my experience to promote equity, justice, and equality and help support the candidates that share those values.”
  • RICHARD EAGLES“I am seeking your vote to represent Chester County and advocate for progressive causes for all Pennsylvanians. This includes advocating for the environment, for inclusive social justice for marginalized communities, and most importantly, working to ensure a safe and vibrant future for all of our children in an active democracy.”
  • PHILLIP A. GARABEDIAN“Phil resides in Westtown and volunteers for the WTB Dems – Zone 6. With degrees from Saint Joseph’s University and Loyola University Maryland, Phil is currently an Executive Director at JPMorgan. Phil served on Westtown’s Parks and Recreation Commission from 2016 – 2019 serving as Vice Chair for part of that time.”
  • CHRISTOPHER KOWERDOVICH (INCUMBENT)“I was a medic in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and served in Iraq. I have attended Penn State gaining a B.S. in Organizational Leadership & Labor. I got into political organizing in 2012 with the re-election of Obama. I have stayed with the party and have worked on over 30 races, most of which are in Chester County. Currently, I am a member of State Committee. In this role, I have been active in both caucuses and grassroots support for statewide candidates. I am a lively member of the veterans’ caucus serving as treasurer. I attend the rural, labor, progressive, disability, and LGBT caucuses. If the good folks of Chester Co give me the honor to stay on state committee, I will run for chair of the Veterans’ Caucus.”
  • BRIAN MCGINNIS“Brian previously served as Chairman of the Chester County Democratic Committee and as a member of the PA Democratic Party State Committee. Brian is Co-Founder and Political Director of Future Leaders Fund PA and currently serves as a Committee Person with West Chester Borough Democrats.”
  • RUSS PHIFERRuss Phifer has been active in the CCDC for over 20 years, serving as a CP, Zone Leader, county-wide candidate, founder of the CCDC Candidate Development Committee, and an active supporter of Democratic candidates across the county. He is a small business owner specializing in environmental management consulting & training.”
  • ALEX TEPLYALKOV“Alex Teplyakov is the Secretary of the Chester County Democratic Committee and works as Chief of Staff to State Representative Joe Ciresi. He is also a public transportation advocate and has worked on Democratic campaigns at the federal, state, and local levels. Alex lives in Phoenixville.”
  • HANS VAN MOL – Hans is a 6-year State Committee member who’s authored party policies and the first bylaw change in 15 years adding high school representation. His re-election focus is to continue moving our party forward and keeping YOU in the loop. He’s endorsed by Chester County’s most prominent Democrats. VOTE LUCKY #13!”
  • LARRY WASHINGTON“Larry Washington served as legal counsel to the Democratic Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Deputy Chief Counsel and Executive Director for Policy for the Senate Democratic Caucasus and is currently on the Board of the Melton Center. He will be a strong voice for the people of Chester County.”