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Democrats Nearly Sweep in Easttown!

UPDATED November 12, 2021.

Chester County Voter Services has updated the final results of the November 2nd election. Though not yet officially certified, and Republicans are calling for an audit, the new updated results posted by Chester County brought very good news for Democrats. Here’s a summary of the races with the results as of the evening of November 10th:

  • EASTTOWN TOWNSHIP RACES – Democrats won nearly EVERY race in Easttown Township!
    • Township Supervisor (elect two) – Democrats will now be a majority of the Township Supervisors!
      • 2,016 (26%) – Erik Unger (D) 
      • 1,888 (25%) – Alex Bosco (D)
      • 1,830 (24%) – Jay Jennings (R)
      • 1,812  (24%) – Alessandra Nicolas (R)
    • Tax Collector
      • 2,067 (52%) – Valinda Garcia (D)
      • 1,872 (47%) – Ed Bullen (R)
    • Auditor
      • 2,039 (52%) – Eric Borjeson (D)
      • 1,872 (47%) – Jim McGuire (R)
    • Constable
      • 1,962 (51%) – Harrison Chaess (D)
      • 1,872 (48%) – Vinnie DiMartini (R)
  • TE SCHOOL BOARD REGION 3 (elect two) – Maryann Piccioni and Susan Audrain will be replacing the Democratic incumbents Tina Whitlow and Mary Garrett Itin and continue the 9-0 Democratic majority on our TE School Board! 
    • 2,384 (27%) – Maryann Piccioni (D)
    • 2,255 (26%) – Susan Audrain (D)
    • 1,967 (23%) – Rachel Kill (R)
    • 1,941 (22%) – Bill Nolan (R)
    • Don Raible (D) won in Easttown 2, Mary Furfari (D) won in Easttown 3, Scott Carpenter (D) won in Easttown 5, and Stacey Rohrbeck (D) won in Easttown 7.
  • ELECTION INSPECTORS (The highest vote getter becomes the majority inspector while the other becomes the minority inspector. So there are no real winners and losers.)
    • Kristine Adams (D) won in Easttown 2, Deborah Dooling (D) won in Easttown 3, Ginny Simon (D) won in Easttown 5, Maria Jo Fitzgerald (D) won in Easttown 6, and John Juzbasich (D) won in Easttown 7.
    • All four of the Democratic County Row Office candidates swept to victory. Incumbents Treasurer Patricia Maisano (51%), Controller Margaret Reif (52%), and Clerk of Courts Yoland Van de Krohl (52%) were re-elected for second terms. Deputy Coroner Sophia Garcia-Jackson (52%), was running for Coroner for the first time and also won
    • Both Democratic candidates running for 10-year term judgeships on the Court of Common Pleas, Alita Rovito and Tony Verwey, won.
    • Mackenzie Smith, in a major upset, won by 213 votes over two time Republican incumbent Tom Tartaglio.
    • Judicial Retention Voting: No more rubber stamp – As we explained in the Sept. and Oct. newsletters, all 4 of the judges up for retention (after 10 years on the bench) were Republicans. Judges up for retention don’t run against other candidates but voters are asked to either vote “Yes” or “No” to retain the judges. Typically, retention judges receive a “Yes” vote in the 70% to 90% range but this year, many Democrats, who realized that these judges may be ruling on upcoming important issues such as voter suppression, redistricting, and a women’s right to choose, chose to vote “No” on retention of these Republican judges. This year, the “Yes” votes were all in the low 60% range.

      STATE JUDICIAL RACES – Unfortunately, three Democratic candidates, Maria McLaughlin for Supreme Court, Timika Lane for Superior Court, and David Lee Spurgeon for Commonwealth Court, lost at the state level. As of November 11th, Democrat Lori Dumas was leading Republican Drew Crompton by 17,262 votes to secure a spot on the Commonwealth Court but in Pennsylvania, a recount is automatically triggered when the margin is .5% or less. As of November 12th, the margin in the race was 0.3% so a recount is underway and should be completed by November 24th.


  • Excellent Turnout – 46% of Easttown voters voted in this election compared to 37% in 2017 and 23% in 2013! Overall, 979 more ballots were cast this week than in 2017 for a 33% increase. See Table 1 for details
  • Voter Registration Increased – Overall voter registration in Easttown increased by 524 new voters (7%) compared to 2017. Easttown now has 8,588 registered voters compared to 8,064 in 2017.
  • Vote By Mail versus Voting in Person – 27% of the ballots were cast by mail and 73% of the ballots were cast in person at voting locations. See Table 2 for details 
  • More than 50% of Easttown Registered Voters Still Didn’t Vote – 3,919 registered voters voted compared to 4,630 registered voters who didn’t bother to vote at all.
  • Democratic and Republican Turnout – Based on the high number of votes for all the candidates, both Democrats and Republicans came out in record numbers for an odd-year election.

Check all the updated election results on the Chester County Election Results page.

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