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Devon Neighbors Sign Letter Demanding Devereux Abandon Plans To Lock Up Immigrant Youth

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health is planning on opening a children’s detention center on Highland Avenue in Devon, PA.

The practice of locking up migrants seeking a better life is a multi-million dollar industry in the U.S., and now Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health joins the list of companies intending to profit from that exploitation with a $14 million contract to open up multiple youth detention centers, including one in Devon, PA. 

Be sure to read this in-depth article by PBS called “Under investigation for sexual abuse, Devereux still has a contract to detain migrant children in PA“. The article quotes Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey:  “Devereux should never have received a federal contract to detain migrant children in the first place,” Casey told Billy Penn and Keystone Crossroads. Pennsylvania facilities that detain children and families should be closed for good,” Casey said, “Whether children who are immigrants, children with disabilities or children who have been abused, our responsibility is to support and protect them.”

Devon and Highland Avenue neighbors have signed a letter by the Juntos organization that they vehemently stand opposed to the expansion of immigrant detention in our state. Juntos supports the local community of Devon in demanding that Devereux abandon their plans to lock up immigrant youth immediately.

Read the letter signed by Devon/Highland Avenue neighbors.

About Juntos: Juntos believes that every human being has the right to a quality education and the freedom to live with dignity regardless of immigration status. Juntos is a community-led, Latinx immigrant organization based in South Philadelphia fighting for everyone’s human rights as workers, parents, youth, and immigrants.

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