You are currently viewing Easttown & Chester County Democratic Primary Election Results – Impressive!

Easttown & Chester County Democratic Primary Election Results – Impressive!

Showing enthusiasm and a desire-for-change, Easttown and Chester County Democrats came out in impressive numbers for the May 21 Primary. The Democratic voter turnout nearly doubled from a comparable odd-year municipal primary in 2015. See Easttown Democratic May 2015 & 2019 Primary Comparisons.

In Easttown, 852 Democratic voters cast their ballots compared to only 547 Republican voters while across Chester County, there were 30,070 votes cast by Democrats compared to 26,272 by Republicans. See detailed Easttown Democratic May 2019 Primary precinct results or Chester County results.

Here is the winning slate of Democratic candidates that will be opposing Republicans in the November 5th election.


  • Township Supervisor – Michael Wacey, Michele Iaia (We can elect both in November and help rectify the 5-0 Republican imbalance among the current Board of Supervisors). 
  • Township Auditor – Eric D. Knight (Incumbent)
  • TE School Board Director – Francis M.J. Reardon


  • Judge of the Court of Common Pleas – Analisa Sondergaard & Brett Binder
  • County Commissioner – Josh Maxwell & Marian Moskowitz
  • District Attorney – Deb Ryan
  • Sheriff – Fredda Maddox
  • Prothonotary – Debbie Bookman
  • Register of Wills – Michelle Vaughn
  • Recorder of Deeds – Chris Pielli

We will be adding additional information about the candidates to our website soon.


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