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Easttown Kids Vote – Pizza Wins in a Landslide

Voter turnout was strong among Easttown children on Election Day! Over 140 Easttown kids came to the voting booths to vote for their favorite snack. Despite an impressive slate of four candidates, Pizza won in a landslide with Pasta coming in a distant 2nd, followed by Hamburgers and Chicken Fingers. Showing their independence, or dissatisfaction with the existing slate, there were also 36 write-in votes with Ice Cream, Mac/Cheese and Sushi being the most popular. The final and audited returns were:
  • 46 – Pizza
  • 29 – Pasta
  • 18 – Hamburgers
  • 17 – Chicken Fingers
In light of the Pizza landslide, we couldn’t resist the temptation to tell a couple of classic pizza jokes. Yes, we know. It’s cheesy! 
    • Q: Why did the man go into the pizza business?
    • A: He wanted to make some dough.
    • Q: “Waiter, will my pizza be long?”
    • A: No sir, it will be round!”

The ballots and ballot boxes for the children were available at the Easttown Township Democratic Committee (ETDC) Greeter Tables. It was a lot of fun seeing the kids carefully decide how they wanted to vote and enjoy the opportunity to be part of Election Day with their parents.

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