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Erosion in Chester County Republicans Registrations Plus Other Headaches

Chester County Republicans are having a tough summer so far as they continue to lose registered voters as well as deal with various scandals.

  • The once dominant Chester County Republican party continues to see its voter registration numbers drop monthly. As of July 8th, the Republican plurality of registered Republicans versus registered Democrats dipped to 9,409. According to the Pennsylvania Department of State statistics,  there are now 349,088 voters in Chester County with 139,114 Democratic(40%), 148,523 Republican(43%), 35,885 no affiliated party(10%), and 25,666 other voters(7%).
  • Margaret Reif, the Democrat Chester County Controller, announced she was filing civil charges against Republican Sheriff Bunny Welsh for approving $67,000 in overtime costs for the Sheriff’s boyfriend.
  • Tom Hogan, the incumbent Republican District Attorney, surprised Republican leaders by deciding not to run again in the November 2019 election against Democrat Deborah Ryan.
  • The Pennsylvania Chairman of the Republican Party, Val DiGorgio, who is from Chester County, resigned from the position he’s held for two years after it became public he exchanged sexually suggestive texts with a Philadelphia candidate.

For details check out this article “June Swoon: Summer of distraction, shifting voter registration rattle Chesco GOP”  in the Phoenixville News.

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