We are a bare-bones, small group of civic-minded Easttown residents, working for a more fair, more generous and more considerate community based on Democratic values.  

When you contribute to the the Easttown Township Democratic Committee, you are not funding political consultants, pollsters, paid staff, rent or furniture. Rather, every penny is used to help increase turnout and elect Democrats to Easttown Township offices and the TE School Board as well as County, State, and Federal offices. Any amount donated, whether $10, $25, or $250, can make a major difference in helping us make real change happen. Thank you!

Donate Online with PayPal or Charge Card

Easily donate quickly and securely  with PayPal or your charge card. You do not need your own personal PayPal account. Click on yellow “Donate” button. Any amount is appreciated and we thank you for your support.

Donate By Check

If you prefer to pay by check, it’s not a problem. Just send your check made out to the “Easttown Township Democratic Committe” and include a note with your name, address and phone number to:

Easttown Township Democratic Committee
PO Box 282
Devon, PA  19333