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HELP – We Need 715 Voters Who Usually Sit Out Non-Presidential Elections!

In non-presidential elections, Democratic voter turnout in Easttown Township drops dramatically from presidential year elections. This hurts the prospects of Democratic candidates dramatically since Republicans have a 10% advantage in the number of registered voters.

We need a HUGE turnout of Democratic and Independent voters this November to overcome the Republican advantage or else our Democratic candidates will LOSE in Easttown.

Even our very own Easttown resident and neighbor, Chrissy Houlahan who is running as the first woman and resident from Easttown for the US House of Representatives, is in danger of losing in Easttown unless nearly all registered Democrats in Easttown make sure to get out and vote.

Here is the grim reality of the numbers for Easttown:

Total Number of Registered Voters
Projected Turnout (usually about 53% but this year is unusual)
Total Number of Projected Votes
Total Number of Projected Votes Needed to Win
Total Number of Projected Registered Democrats
Total Number of Projected Democratic Votes (65%)
Number of Votes SHORT for a Democratic Victory

It’s an uphill battle to find those extra 715 votes for victory but we see the following opportunities:

  1. Young Democrats between 18 to 50 – Unfortunately, most younger voters don’t vote in non-presidential elections. We need to break this pattern and have millennials and parents of young children show up to vote in record setting numbers. If you are 18-50 and are concerned about health care, education, guns at schools, immigration, the environment, and economic policies please be sure to vote! And please encourage your friends, neighbors, family and relatives to get out an vote too!  Be sure to follow Easttown Democrats on Facebook or Twitter at #EasttownDems.
  2. Older Democrats over 50 – Older Easttown Democrats are very loyal and vote in high numbers. For instance, their turnout percentage was remarkably high at over 90% for the 2016 presidential election. However, that turnout percentage drops to 65% during non-presidential years. We need older Easttown Democrats to treat this election as a presidential election.  
  3. Independents – Independents vote in very low numbers in non-presidential elections. We’re asking all Democrats to reach out to their Independent friends and neighbors and try to motivate them to vote by reminding them that this is a unique opportunity to elect to elect Easttown resident Chrissy Houlahan to Congress.

So spread the word throughout Easttown that we are in danger of losing an important election. We need a huge turnout for success and can’t be shy about talking about the election.

During the Fall, please talk with your friends, neighbors and relatives about the critical need for their votes. Whether on the sidelines of a soccer game, lacrosse game, at Teamer Field, or at a friendly BBQ, please let folks know that we urgently need an extra 715 votes from voters who usually skip voting in non-presidential years.

Every vote may make a huge difference in this election!

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