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Leading Environmental Group Endorses Governor Wolf and Senator Bob Casey

Here’s a statement from Clean Water Action:

“United States Senator Bob Casey and Governor Tom Wolf have worked to provide an environmental direction for Pennsylvania that improves protections for our air, water, and health while standing up to the regressive policies being pushed by President Trump, anti-environmental majorities in the U.S. Congress and state legislature, and lobbyists for polluting industries.

Because of this leadership they earned our endorsement and deserve your support for re-election on November 6th.

In the U.S. Senate, Bob Casey was the key sponsor for the FRAC Act, which would close loopholes that allows the oil and gas industry to hide their toxic chemical releases. He also supports the Paris Climate Accord and other steps to fight climate change while growing our nation’s clean energy workforce, and is standing up to efforts to repeal the Clean Water Rule, which safeguards 10,000 miles of Pennsylvania’s streams. He also scored 100% on our Congressional scorecard that will be released this month. Read more about Senator Casey’s environmental record here.

Governor Wolf’s record includes voting to ban fracking in the Delaware River watershed, stopping further leasing of state parks and forests for oil and gas drilling, supporting universal testing of blood lead levels in children, and putting new rules in place to reduce air and water contamination from fracking, including the first state action to stop methane emissions that threaten our climate. Read more about Governor Wolf’s environmental accomplishments here.

We need leaders whose direction on the environment reflects those of Pennsylvanians like you. On November 6th, please support the re-election of Bob Casey to the United State Senate and Tom Wolf as Pennsylvania Governor.

For Clean Water,
Steve Hvozdovich
Pennsylvania Campaigns Director

Contact us at or (412) 765-3053.

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