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Neither Covid, Cold Nor Snow Can Stop Easttown Dems!

It was all smiles underneath those masks at the outdoor Easttown Township Democratic Committee Petition Party on a sunny but cold Saturday afternoon, Feb 20th.  Even Covid couldn’t keep away a great turnout with over 100 Easttown Democrats stopping by to sign petitions for Democratic candidates to  appear on the Spring Primary Ballot. 

The following candidates were able to attend and speak with Easttown Democrats in person! Learn more about all the candidates. 

Commonwealth Court Judge Candidate: Judge Lori Dumas

Superior Court Judge Candidate: Judge Timika Lane

Court of Common Pleas Judge Candidates: Carlos Barraza, Alita Rovito, Tony Verwey

Magisterial Judge Candidate: Mackenzie Smith

Chester County Clerk of Courts Candidate: Yolanda van de Krol

Chester County Controller: Margaret Reif

Chester County Coroner Candidate: Sophia Garcia-Jackson

Easttown Township Supervisor Candidates: Alex Bosco, Erik Unger                        

Easttown Township Tax Collector Candidate:  Valinda Garcia    

Easttown Township Auditor Candidate:  Eric Borjeson

Easttown Judges of Elections Candidates:  Cheska Levy in Easttown Precinct-1, Don Raible in Easttown Precinct-2, Marilyn Furfari in Easttown Precinct-3, Scott Carpenter in Easttown Precinct-5

Easttown Inspectors of Elections Candidates: Farha Vasanwala in Easttown Precinct-1, Kristine Adams in Easttown Precinct-2, Margaret Dalesandro in Easttown Precinct-4, Ginny Simon in  Easttown Precinct-5, Maria Jo Fitzgerald in Easttown Precinct-6

Thank you to everyone who attended and a special thank you to Sweet Jazmines for the wonderful brownie treats that were distributed to sweet loving Democrats! 

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