You are currently viewing Over 1,700 Completed Ballots From Easttown Dems Already Received by Voter Services

Over 1,700 Completed Ballots From Easttown Dems Already Received by Voter Services

Between the need to defeat Trump in a landslide and avoid getting Coronavirus as it starts to spike again in Pennsylvania, we’re all nervous about this election. Many of us are asking one another the following: 

Can I trust mailing my ballot by USPS or dropping it off at a lockbox location instead of voting in person? 

The answer is YES! Over the past week, we’ve been hearing from Easttown Democratic voters who have returned their ballots by either mailing their ballots using USPS or dropping off their ballots at one of fourteen Chester County lockbox locations!

GOOD NEWS: As of Thursday, October 22, over 1,700 completed ballots have been confirmed as received by Chester County Voter Services which should reassure all Easttown Democrats that vote by mail is working well!

Here are some averages of the number of days it’s been taking for Easttown voters between mailing or dropping off a ballot to receiving an email confirmation back from Voter Services that they have received your ballot:

  • 6 Days – Mailed from Southeastern Post Office
  • 4 to 5 Days – Mailed from Devon Post Office
  • 4 to 5 Days – Mailed from Berwyn Post Office
  • 3 to 5 Days – Dropped off at West Chester Voter Services Lockbox  
  • 3 Days- Dropped off at Easttown Library Lockbox 
  • 4 to 7 Days – Mailed from Hoboken, NJ Post Office

Over 2,300 Easttown Democrats signed up for mail-in ballots. We urge all of you who haven’t returned your ballots yet to do as soon as possible so Voter Services has plenty of time to confirm receiving your ballot well ahead of November 3rd.   

Here are our recommendations on voting as of October 22nd:

  • USPS – Due to possible delays with the mail, it is now too late to mail your ballot by using the USPS. 
  • Either drop off you ballot at the Easttown Library Lockbox, other Chester County Lockbox locations, or vote in person at your voting location on November 3rd.  
  • Easttown Library Lockbox – Drop off your ballot at the Easttown Library , 720 First Avenue, Berwyn. M-F 9AM-7PM, Sat/Sun 10AM-2PM
  • Other Chester County Lockbox Locations – There are 14 Chester County lockbox locations. Click here for the addresses and hours. 

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