What is my voting precinct and where do I vote?

Easttown Township is divided into seven precincts. Each precinct has its own voting location and are often referred to as E1, E2, etc. Please see the map below to determine your voting location. ADDRESS CHANGE ALERT:  After temporarily being at St. John Presbyterian for the 2020 Election, Easttown 5 has been moved back to Trinity Presbyterian Church, 640 Berwyn Avenue.

If you would like to search by your street address, find your precinct and voting location by using this easy-to-use Find Your Polling Place tool.

If you ever want to check your voting  status just click here: Find Voter Registration Status (please note: you may have to try different versions of your name ‐ with middle name or initial, without middle name or initial — if you aren’t 100% certain of how you registered)*

May 17, 2022 Democratic Party Sample Ballots Below
Use While Completing Your Vote-By-Mail Ballot or While in the Voting Booth

Check out the list of candidates and any possible amendments or referendums on the ballot before you complete your vote-by-mail ballot or get to the voting booth. Be sure to review the ballot from your specific precinct as the ballots may differ between precincts. If you are not sure of your precinct number, use this Find Your Polling Place tool

Your Voting LocationSample Ballots (Updated Before Each Election)
195 Easttown 1
Beaumont School Lobby
575 Beaumont Road
Sample Ballot for Precinct E1
198 Easttown 2
Beaumont School Gym
575 Beaumont Road
Sample Ballot for Precinct E2
201 Easttown 3
Easttown Library
720 1st Avenue
Sample Ballot for Precinct E3
204 Easttown 4
Devon Elementary Cafeteria
400 S. Fairfield
Sample Ballot for Precinct E4
207 Easttown 5
Trinity Presbyterian
640 Berwyn Ave
Sample Ballot for Precinct E5
210 Easttown 6
St. John’s Presbyterian Front Room
217 Berkeley Road
Sample Ballot for Precinct E6
213 Easttown 7
Devon Elementary Gym
400 S. Fairfield
Sample Ballot for Precinct E7