You are currently viewing Sad – White Bogeymen Circulate Bogus Petition about TE School Curriculum

Sad – White Bogeymen Circulate Bogus Petition about TE School Curriculum

A petition filled with fake information and lies is being circulated calling for the TE School District to stop teaching “Critical Race Theory”.  We strongly oppose this negative and divisive petition and ask all local Democrats within the TE School District to instead sign the very positive and honest petition below in the grey box, which was created by United T/E Parents and Community, a group of parents, and local community and religious leaders. 


We, parents & community members of Tredyffrin-Easttown, have recently been made aware of a petition asking that “Critical Race Theory” not be taught in TESD schools.

The facts:

  • Critical Race Theory, a teaching philosophy for educators, is not taught in TESD schools.
  • We do, however, strongly support the district’s ongoing racial equity commitment.
  • We support teaching accurate, comprehensive history and current events.
  • We reject the divisive right-wing rhetoric seeking to influence curriculum in our district. Such rhetoric can only have a negative impact in our schools and community.

We support a curriculum that fosters respect for students of all backgrounds, is guided by equity, transparency, and integrity, and creates a positive learning environment for all students.

— United Parents & Community Members of Tredyffrin & Easttown

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