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School Board Approves Design Plan for Conestoga High School Expansion Project

At its meeting on January 28, 2019, the Tredyffrin/Easttown Board of School Directors approved the design plan for the Conestoga High School Expansion Project and the fee proposal from the project architects. The preliminary cost estimate for the expansion project is in the range of $33-$39 million.

Five design concepts were contemplated by the Board. The plans were eventually narrowed down to two options: one that involved a courtyard and one that included an atrium. The Board approved the design plan that includes an atrium.

The District has an on-going goal of ensuring that District facilities are adequate to deliver both current programs and forecasted new programs for District students. As a result of increasing student enrollment, the District determined there is a need to expand Conestoga High School and add additional space to include 8 additional regular classrooms, 2 additional special education classrooms, 4 additional science labs, 1 additional art room, 1 additional kitchen, a fabrication lab, a large flexible learning space, and additional smaller spaces for meetings, offices and small group instruction. The school is also in need of expanded spaces in the nurse suite, library, cafeteria, student services suite, and health and fitness room. The construction phase of the expansion project is projected to begin in January 2020 and with anticipated completion in 2022.

Over the course of the last year, the District has conducted a Conestoga High School facility study to examine the District’s instructional needs, space utilization and possible options for expansion of the current building. The expansion project has been discussed at School Board Education, Facilities and Finance Committee meetings and at regular Board meetings. On January 24, the public was invited to meet with School Board members, the TESD administration and project architects for coffee and conversation about the design plans for the Conestoga High School Expansion Project. Community members asked questions and shared ideas. At its January 28 meeting, the Board authorized the project architects to create detailed design schematics for the expansion project plan.

For additional information, the public may visit the Conestoga High School Expansion Project webpage at This web page includes updates on the Conestoga High School Expansion Project as well as presentation materials and resources.

Here’s a link to a video of the meeting.

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