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Thinking About Voting in Person with Your Mail-in Ballot?

We understand your nervousness about mailing your ballot through the regular mail but we strongly urge any Easttown Democrat who received a mail-in ballot to resist the temptation to vote in person and use a Ballot Drop Off Box as soon as possible.

  • Voting by a drop box is safe. We recommend using either the Easttown Library Drop Box (720 First Ave, Berwyn; Weekdays 9AM-7PM, Weekends 10AM-2PM, Election Day November 2nd 7AM-8PM) or any of the 14 locations in Chester County.
  • Voting in person with a mail-in ballot will add to line delays on Election Day. You will need to bring your mail-in ballot to be voided by the Judge of Elections at your polling location which will require extra waiting and processing time. Dropping off your ballot at a Drop Off Box will take much less time than voting in person. 
  • Despite your best intentions, Covid spiking again in Chester County or random events such as weather or a traffic jam may prevent you or discourage you from voting on Election Day. Why take the unnecessary risk of not having your vote counted when it’s so easy to drop off your ballot at Easttown Library?

However, if it is your decision to vote in-person after having requested a mail-in ballot, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Bring your ballot PLUS the secrecy envelope and return mail envelope (2 envelopes) to your polling place.
  2. Surrender all 3 items (2 envelopes and 1 ballot) to your Judge of Elections.
  3. Your mail-in ballot will be voided and you will be issued a regular ballot for in-person voting.
  4. You can then mark your ballot and vote., 

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