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Update on June 2nd Democratic Primary for Easttown

Despite the obstacles of Covid-19 and learning how to vote-by-mail for the first time by many voters, 1,926 Easttown registered Democrats cast their ballots in record-breaking numbers for the June 2nd Democratic Primary. Showing substantial interest in the election, the number of registered Democratic voters casting their ballot in the 2020 Primary increased by 25% compared to the 2016 Primary. Based on these results, it’s fairly certain that November’s voter turnout will also break all records.

Democratic turnout was 56% as 1,926 Democratic voters cast their ballot out of 3,412 registered Democrats which is significantly higher than the than the 1,547 votes or 46% turnout for the 2016 Spring Primary.

Of the 1,926 Democratic ballots cast, 1,560 or 81% were cast by mail as Easttown Democratic voters strongly embraced the convenience of voting by mail.

Joe Biden was the big winner in Easttown with 84% of the votes compared to 14% for Bernie Sanders and 1% for Tulsi Gabbard. Josh Shapiro who is running for Pennsylvania Attorney General, Joe Torsella who is running for Pennsylvania Treasurer and Chrissy Houlahan who is running for US Congress (District 6), won 100% of the votes as they ran unopposed in their respective races. In the Pennsylvania State Auditor race, Nina Ahmad won with 41% of the vote compared to 37% for Christina Hartman. In the race for Pennsylvania State Representative (District 167), Kristine Howard received 67% of the votes compared to 33% for Ginny Kerslake in Easttown while receiving 59% of the votes across Chester County compared to Kerslake’s 41% .

Attached are two tables detailing the official June 2nd Democratic Primary results. The data is based on the official numbers provided by Chester County Voter Services. Table 1 breaks out the data for the state, county and township. Table 2 breaks out the data by precinct for Easttown Township.

TABLE 1 – Easttown Primary 2020 Primary Results – State, County, Easttown

TABLE 2 – Easttown Primary 2020 by Precinct

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