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What A Fracking Disaster at Beautiful Marsh Creek Lake!

So sad to see this news of beautiful Marsh Creek Lake in Chester County being unnecessarily spoiled by fracking. A favorite spot for any Chester County resident looking to kayak, walk, picnic, canoe, windsurf or just enjoy a beautiful setting now has

Here are several in-depth stories with depressing details on this environmental fiasco and what happens when both private and Pennsylvania government regulators can’t protect our precious natural resources:

Daily Local News – Kayakers rally at Marsh Creek Lake

CBS News – ‘A Massive Mistake’: Environmental Groups Say Discharge From Mariner East Pipeline Threatening Popular Chester County Lake

The Patch – Sunoco Halts Drilling After Marsh Creek Lake Fluid Spill

Visit West Whiteland Residents for Pipeline Safety for up-to-date information. Here’s a post from August 12th from the West Whiteland Residents for Pipeline Safety with details and suggestions on ways for citizens to take action.

“This evening a few of us went to investigate a cloudy plume into Marsh Creek Lake from the direction of Little Conestoga Rd in the vicinity of a Mariner East HDD drill. It appeared to be a frac-out of drilling mud. Unfortunately, that is what it is.

As we paddled to the end of an inlet, we found recently placed barriers and increased turbidity of the water. Once over the first barrier we were in water milky with drilling mud and found a pump and two pipeline workers on the shore. The creek upstream toward the drill site was thick with drilling mud.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection tonight, Sunoco claims to have spilled 1000 gallons of drilling mud into the lake in a frac-out. Given Sunoco’s tendency to run fast and loose with the truth, perhaps we could add another zero to that figure? ( Update 8/11/20: DEP now says 10,000 gallons at least…..)

It was a reckless plan to HDD drill here, yet the DEP approved it. And this frac-out was predicted in a Dragonpipe Diary Post last year:…/tuesday-is-your-last-chance-…/.

As Sunoco turns an estimated 250,000 gallons per day of pristine groundwater in West Whiteland Township into residual waste to be hauled away, this egregious corporation has now polluted one of our Chester County treasures: The last photo in this series was taken on the paddle back to the boat launch, away from the spill, after the sun had slipped below the horizon, herons flapped overhead like prehistoric creatures and a family of ducks swam along the shore.

When will you halt this project Governor Tom Wolf, that destroys and pollutes our precious water resources over and over again and once finished, puts our families and communities st unacceptable and unmitigated risk all for corporate gain. What will it take?????

What can you do?
Call Governor Wolf and let him know how you feel about this: 717-787-2500

 Send emails TODAY (Upper Uwchlan Supervisors, County Commissioner, State Rep & State Senator, and DEP) asking for an immediate emergency halt to drilling for this reckless and willful behavior:

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